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Citizens Concern Africa is an ambitious initiative that started in 2012, working on enabling citizens to exercise agency, promoting governments to be more open and responsive, and improving basic social Accountability and Governance and advocating sustainable resource exploitation in Uganda.

Areas of Operation
Years of operation

Our Programs

From 2012 through 2014 we have conducted research and experimentation, brokered new partnerships with other civil society organizations, local governments, media and other significant actors, engaged policy makers across the country, and enhanced information sharing internally as well as contributed significantly to the international body of knowledge.
Oil and gas
How sustainable can this wealth be tapped into without causing more damage?
Good governance
In addition to greater citizen agency, we also strive for enhanced responsiveness from authorities.
Capacity building
Capacity building of duty bearers such as Education experts and officials, opinion leaders and teachers.

Our Theory Of Change

Citizens Concern Africa continues to represent the democratic ideal, implicit in its name, that lasting change is driven by the actions of motivated citizens. We have refined our core theory of change, grounding it in these domains

good-governanceIn addition to greater citizen agency, we also strive for enhanced responsiveness from authorities, creating opportunities for meaningful citizen-state interaction. We believe that this will change the narrative from one in which citizens and governments have a low level of trust in each other, to one in which authorities and citizens collaborate in finding solutions to public sector problems.

oil and gasThe need for evidence-based policy advice is more urgent than ever, with the most sought resource in the region and world, Uganda’s oil industry needs clear policies, regulations and approaches such that it can benefit the generations and the country at large. The best advantage is that discoveries have happened when many experiences have been verified and therefore, one would expect no grave mistakes in the sector like what has happened in most developing countries that have had the opportunity to exploit the resource like Nigeria, Libya, Chad and Mexico.

livelihoodsUnder this, we focus on interventions, where we are encouraging citizens to play their roles but also to intervene and improve their livelihoods where they can. Under here we have a scheme where senior six students support lower primary education, especially with Numeracy and literacy.

Clean energy and environmental programs like energy saving stoves, promotion of bio-digesters, tree planting and conservation messages. If energy for cooking can be made available that means women could save time and participate in community meetings.



We believe in an open society built on the human impulse to make a difference, where information and ideas flow, citizens engage and authorities are accountable to the people.



We collect, curate, and transport evidence, ideas, and information to inspire citizen action and stimulate responsiveness from authorities on service delivery and open government.




We are driven by a thirst for service delivery to ask, equity, quality, and create lasting memories.

Our Team

CICOA is headed by the Executive Director who reports to the Board of Directors. Meet our board members:
Andrew Mafundo

Executive Director

Sam Mucunguzi

Programs Coordinator

Asiimire Martha

Finance Manager

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