About us

Citizens’ Concern Africa (CICOA) is a Ugandan NonGovernment Organization founded in 2012. We work directly with communities to support communityled initiatives for the protection of human rights and the planet.

We believe solutions to environmental degradation and social injustices come from the most impacted people, and we empower them to be at the forefront of
protecting their human rights and the earth.

Our dream is to live in a world where human rights are respected, upheld, and protected.

CICOA has four core pillars:

The Protection and Promotion of Human Rights

The End of Poverty and All Its Forms

Conservation And Sustainable Natural Resource Management

The Development of Livelihoods For Marginalized Communities.

We have implemented projects around Uganda’s Southwestern, Central, and Albertine Graben regions aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting government transparency and involvement, improving basic social accountability and governance, and advocating for sustainable natural resource utilization.

We work with communities, local and international partners, the government,
and the private sector in all the work we do.

CICOA operates in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Reduced Inequalities,
Climate Action, Life On Land, and Partnerships For The Goals), the Uganda Vision 2040, The National Development Plan (NDPIII), and Articles 38 & 39 of The 1995 Uganda Constitution.

To See A World Where Communities Are Valued, Protected, and Sustained.

Safeguarding The Planet, Empowering Communities, And Upholding Human Rights.


  • 1. To promote and protect human rights, bridge inequalities and discrimination gaps, advocate
    for policies, and laws that support social justice, and promote fairness.
  • 2. To empower individuals and communities to take charge of their lives and work towards
    attaining their own improved livelihoods and development.
  • 3. To promote sustainable development technologies and practices that benefit both people
    and the environment for future generations


We are a Christian Non-Governmental Organization that upholds the following values: -

  • 1. Integrity: We do the right thing focusing on stewardship, professionalism, honesty, fairness,
    value for money, and accountability.
  • 2. Citizen Centricity: We believe in an open society built on the human impulse to make a
    difference, where information and ideas flow, citizens engage, authorities are accountable to
    the people, and citizens are at the center of everything we do
  • 3. Innovation: We are an agile entity that thinks ahead and adapts to change.
  • 4. People Development: We provide an environment that nurtures people toward their full
  • 5.Open Communication: We listen and provide appropriate information to our stakeholders.