About us

Citizens’ Concern Africa (CICOA) is non-government organization ambitious to promoting the sustainable management of natural resources in Uganda. Based in Kampala city, the organization was born out of the need to exercise agency and contribute to efforts to promote equitable utilization and sustainable governance of natural resources for socio-economic development. Through lobbying, research and community education, CICOA work with communities, cultural, religious and local government leaders, government institutions and private sector to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a way that leads to transparency and accountability, environmental conservation and respect for human rights.

CICOA boost on a wealth of experience of projects implemented around southwestern Sub-region, Central region and Albertine Graben western Uganda and among other areas in the country. CICOA focuses on promoting the conservation of natural resource governance, climate change adaptations, livelihoods, wetlands and forestry management restoration.

We believe in an open society, built on the human impulse to make a difference; where natural resources and environment are sustainably used, citizens engage, and authorities are accountable to the people.

We collect, curate, and transport evidence, ideas, and protect and conserve environment to inspire citizen action and stimulate responsiveness from authorities on service delivery and open government.


  • To empower citizens to participate in the making of energy policies at all levels.
  • To empower citizens to demand for transparency and accountability in the management and utilization of energy resources for environmental conservation.
  • To contribute to the pool of knowledge on environment in Uganda through research and documentation.
  • To promote gender equity in the utilization of Natural resources.