Clean energy efforts

Campaign for enactment of solar energy policy and amendment of Electricity Act

Despite allocating a big percentage of the national budget to the energy sector over the past years and despite incurring huge debts to increase power generation and access, access to electricity in Uganda stands at a dismal 20.4%. Because hydropower is expensive among other factors, over 79.6% of the population has remained without access to electricity. The demand for cheaper off grid solar is increasing.

Our main objective is to have cheap, clean and affordable power for ordinary person but also with considerations on clean environment free from emissions.

In 2018, CICOA built on efforts from 2016 and 2017 and we campaigned for the enactment of a Solar Energy Policy to increase solar energy access that will meet communities’ demand for cheaper off grid that is solar and wind energy.

In August 2018, government launched the ‘Free’ Energy Connections Policy (ECP) in Kasese district. While the policy is not the Solar Energy one that we advocated for, government is seeking to increase the number of households accessing off grid solar and other off grid energy options by over 1.95 million by 2027 through the policy.

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