Our Theory of Change

We believe solutions to environmental degradation and social injustices come from the most impacted people, and we empower them to be at the forefront of protecting their human rights and the earth.

Our dream is to live in a world where human rights are respected, upheld, and protected.

By the end of 2026, our goals are to make a measurable impact in five key areas:

Community Empowerment

We intend to empower communities in oil-affected regions to demand fair compensation and restoration of livelihoods and cultures from the government and oil companies.


We seek to increase awareness and consciousness among communities and the government about the need to protect the environment, especially wetlands and forests in EACOP districts of Greater Masaka; Lwengo, Kyotera, and Rakai.


We shall ensure public authorities are responsive to citizens' demands by safeguarding their right to access high-quality, relevant, and meaningful information.


Encourage citizens and civil society to seek, obtain, and utilize information to improve their situations and engage with public officials to enhance accountability and the quality of public service delivery.


Address government issues related to wetland title issuance and the lack of monitoring and supervision of developers, which have significantly impacted the environment.

Together We can Improve the Livelihoods of Marginalized Communities.


Citizen Action leads to institutional change


Key legislatures supported

Through successful advocacy campaigns, we influenced the passing of four laws:

The 2017 National Environment Bill, replacing the 1995 National Environment Act.

The National Content Policy, which empowers Ugandans with skills to promote environmental conservation amidst oil-related risks.



Together we can Achieve a World Where Communities Are Valued, Protected, and Sustained.

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