CICOA operates in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 

We have implemented projects around Uganda’s Southwestern, Central, and Albertine Graben regions aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting government transparency and involvement, improving basic social accountability and governance, and advocating for sustainable natural resource utilization.  We work with communities, local and international partners, the government, and the private sector in all the work we do.

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Safeguarding The Planet, Empowering Communities, And Upholding Human Rights.

Empowering Rural Communities for just Clean Energy Access Program (ERCEA).

The ERCEA program is a holistic approach to providing clean energy that improves the livelihoods of rural communities by providing access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy while promoting environmental conservation and mitigating the effects of climate change. The program prioritises the needs of the community, and it is implemented through partnerships that maximise stakeholder involvement.

Intergrated Climate Action Program.

Throughout our projects, CICOA employs an integrated community-centered approach to improve natural resource governance, empower natural resource adjacent communities to restore and conserve degraded ecosystems, resist harmful development, and advocate for smart climate policies.

Human Rights and Social Justice Program (HRSJP).

This program is aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and social justice in Uganda by advocating for policy and legal reforms, increasing awareness and education, engaging with key stakeholders in communities to strengthen their capacity to demand their rights, and monitoring and reporting on human rights violations.

Sustainable farming systems and land use

The Food Security through Sustainable Agriculture Program (FSSAP) is a holistic and multi-pronged approach to addressing the issue of food insecurity in Uganda. It seeks to ensure that smallholder farmers have access to affordable and effective farming technologies and inputs, good quality seeds, enhanced soil fertility, and irrigation systems. The program also aims to promote agro-ecological farming methods that are climate-smart, cost-effective, and easy to apply.

Together we can Achieve a World Where Communities Are Valued, Protected, and Sustained.

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